A small sampling of my research

In my quest to find my roots, I have stumbled upon many fascinating facts and people.

In my family tree, my American roots run as far back as the early 1600's with Mennonites settling Germantown, PA (Kester) and Quakers in Virginia (Stanley). I have a signer on the Declaration of Independence (Benjamin Rush),a famous clergyman (Reverend Joseph Montgomery), a Civil War hero who was believed to be executed without trial (William Calvin Harden), and much more!

In my husband's family, we have found a possible tie to the Melungeons of the Appalachian Mountains.

A client's family tree revealed a name change that happened when his family immigrated to the US. Now he knows that he is of Norwegian stock!

There are so many other interesting facts out there wanting to be found. Just think of the wonderful history waiting to fall out of your family tree!

And I can help!