Talented Tuesday- The Boxing Artist

Samuel Joseph Rondeau was born in 1878 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. He was at least the third generation named Samuel, but did not choose to carry on family naming traditions with his only son Alfred.

Samuel moved to Connecticut after 1891 and began his family. While in Connecticut, he either began, or continued boxing under the name Samuel Peters, or Peter Samuels. Family lore has it that something happened with a fight gone wrong, or problems with his fighters, so the family relocated to Massachusetts. While there, Samuel took up teaching the sport of boxing, once more.

Some of Samuel Rondeau's boxers, circa late 1920's, Massachusetts

Samuel Rondeau with his boxers, circa 1930's, Massachusetts

 In addition to being a boxer, however, Samuel was also a wonderful artist. He made many paintings and etchings ranging in themes from religion to nature, and more. Following are just a few.

My grandmother called this one "Adam and Eve in the Garden"

This is a painting of an Indian, which is in possession of a distant cousin, Susan Elder.

This is an etching of moose hunters being the hunted.

Though there are many more, and who knows how many countless lost treasures were made, these are but a few.

Samuel Rondeau died in 1964 at the age of 85, having outlived two wives. He was said to have run several miles a day, and lived off of good, healthy living.

Samuel Rondeau, circa 1930's, Massachusetts.

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** Pictures of Samuel Rondeau, including that of his boxers, were scanned images of photocopies provided to me by Mary Campbell. Images of the artwork are digital copies of the originals taken by me, or Susan Elder.