Treasure Chest Thursday: Wedding of Rose Rondeau and Peter Campbell

From a clip of an unknown local Massachusetts newspaper [ November 26, 1928, the date has been assumed based on the Massachusetts Vital Records Office certificate of marriage as there is no date on the clip.]:


Aldenville Girl Bride of Easthampton Man at St. Rose de Lima Church

At St. Rose de Lima church in Aldenville [Chicopee, Massachusetts] this morning, Miss Rose M. Rondeau, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rondeau of Aldenville, became the bride of Peter J. Campbell of Easthampton. Rev. J. H. Lamothe, pastor, performed the ceremony and used a single ring service. Music was **dered [rendered] by the senior church choir.

Miss Eva V. Rondeau, sister of the bride, was bridesmaid and Ernest Smalley of Easthampton best man.

The bride wore a brown transparent velvet with a hat to match and carried an arm bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums. 
Peter Campbell and Rose (Rondeau) Campbell

The bridesmaid was dressed in tan transparent velvet with a hat in harmony and her flowers were pink chrysanthemums.

Peter and Rose (Rondeau) Campbell, Eva Rondeau, and Ernest Smalley in front of the Rondeau Residence in Aldenville, Massachusetts.

The reception and wedding breakfast was held at the Nonotuck. The bride's gift to her bridesmaid was a ruby ring and the best man received a gold piece from the bridegroom.

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell left this afternoon on their wedding trip to New York and Philadelphia. Mrs. Campbell travelling in a grey dress with hat to match and a black coat trimmed with silver fox. They will make their home at Easthampton.

The bride was born in Stafford Springs, Conn., and graduated from Chicopee high [sic]. She was employed at the National Blank Book company [sic]. Mr. Campbell was born in Scotland, received his education in the schools of Easthampton. He is employed by the Hampden company [sic] of Easthampton.

Front Cover of Rose Rondeau's Wedding Book

This book is bound by satin ribbon, is approximately 9"x6", has 8 pages plus inside front and back, and is copyright T.D.M. CO. Each titled page has a sketch of some sort just above the title.

The first page is all type written:


To love, to wed, to live in serene and mutual enjoyment of conjugal union; to love with a love which is enduring, which is generous, which is full of charity and slow to criticize; a love which will sacrifice, suffer, defer to, and revere-- this is the love that promotes true marriage, the keystone of civilization, and foundation of society. This is life! To love, to laugh, to live! And leave behind a heritage of happiness-- 'tis aim enough for any mortal. May such happiness be yours.

August Dietrich Flower Shop
23 Center St.    Tel. 1584   Chicopee, Mass.
Tel. 2970--Williamsett, MAss.

"Say it with Flowers"

Page two is titled  Marriage Record. Then handwritten is:
Engaged- Oct. 1928
Married November 26, 1928  at St. Rosa [sic] de Lima's Parish in Aldenville

Page three is titled Attendants. Then handwritten is:
Mr. Ernest Smalley
Miss Eva Rondeau

Page four is titled Guests. Then handwritten is:
Relatives of the bride and groom

Page five is titled Gifts. Then handwritten is:
set of dishes china dinner set
1 "     "        "        " [assuming another set of china]
2 Silver Salt + Pepper shakers
6 silver tablespoons'2 pyrex dishes
1 serving tray
1 cake tray
1 toilet set
2 sets table linen [this was squeezed in at this point, and written in a different pen]
1 silver cream spoon
1 water set
1 bed spread
1 electric Iron
1 picture The Last Supper
6 knives + forks- silver
1 pitcher + six glasses
1 Mahogany table
1 imparted vase
6 hand painted pictures [ added in a different pen. The pictures referred to were probably painted by Rose's father, Samuel Rondeau]

Page six is titled Our Honeymoon. Then handwritten is:
was spent in New York

Page seven is titled Our Home. Then handwritten is:
45 Franklin St. Easthampton, Mass
4 room tenement $5.00 a week Furnished up to date

Page eight is titled First Callers. Handwritten is:
were our parents

Baby Mary Ann was born September 26, 1929 at the Cooley Dickinson Hospital
Weight 7 lbs
Eyes blue
hair dark brown

The back inside cover is titled Wedding Anniversaries and printed is the following:
Twelfth---Silk and Fine Linen

I get the impression that this book was not filled out immediately, but was filled in based on memory. There is such a lack of details that a young, excited bride should have had. Perhaps she didn't begin filling it out until she was in the wonderful throes of pregnancy. That sure would have been enough to rub the luster off of my newly gained wedding vows! 

In any event, this book, along with my photos, and the newspaper clipping offer me an insight into the life of my great grandparents. But it also leaves me a few areas of research. The newspaper clipping mentioned that my great grandfather worked at the Hampden Company in Easthampton. So far, in a preliminary search for this blog post, I have been unable to find any information on this company. The same is true for the place where the wedding breakfast took place; The Nonotuk. I do see reference to a Hampton Company, as well as to a Nonotuk Street, however. And of course there is just deeper research into the other places mentioned, so that I can put them into a historical perspective and get a better understanding of what my ancestors' lives were like.

Thanks for reading.

Happy tree climbing!