What happens at Jamboree...gets put on my blog: The Ice Cream Social and Pajama Party!

On Friday night, the people from Geni.com hosted a special ice cream social for members of Geneabloggers. And they went full out! We had an ice cream bar with different toppings and flavors of ice cream, and the Geni team cruised through the room and schmoozed with us all. I got to meet and chat with Charles and Grant, and pretty much grilled Grant about the why and how of Geni (I will post on this later).

It got REALLY loud in the room, and a few people got a bit wild and crazy, though I won't mention names (Randy Seaver and Cheryl Palmer), by putting hula skirts on their heads and holding up Sheri Fenley's pinata, Peter the Parrot.

On Saturday night, Geneabloggers had a "hush-hush" PJ party in the coffee lounge. Though I wasn't sporting any nightwear, there were several very interesting outfits to be seen. There was a Colonial nightie, a crossword puzzle jammie set, and then the Seavers both in San Diego Chargers jammie pants with very funny t-shirts. Randy's explained how genealogy is like sex, and Linda's said something about being with the sexy genealogist...hysterical!

I was pretty tired so I lounged on the couch and chatted a lot with A.C. Ivory, Thomas MacEntee and George the Greek (sorry George, I don't remember your last name!). There were some yummy cookies and punch, as well as pilates on the floor by some fitness crazed bloggers! Then it was time to whack Peter...the pinata that is. So off went the big crowd to outside where few got to take a whack at him before his legs flew off and into the crowd. Then the gal who got the legs began to do some funny poses with them for the camera...I'll just leave it at that. Good thing I didn't really know anyone there, or I'd be dishing the dirt on people by name!

Anyway, it was a great weekend full of fun. I got to meet some wonderful people. Thanks to Gini and Steve Webb, Cheryl Palmer, and A.C. Ivory for being my tour guides to Jamboree and hanging out with me. I had a blast and can't wait to do it again!