Best Internet Resources for African American Genealogy Webinar

Geoff Rasmussen of Legacy Family Tree hosted a webinar by Angela Walton-Raji entitled Best Internet Resources for African American Genealogy. I am truly grateful that I took the time to watch this production. Angela is an engaging speaker who has fun written all over her voice. Her explanations were thorough, and the material she presented was very content rich.

Angela's topics expanded on the well known Freedman's Bureau records, Ancestry's and FamilySearch's collections, as well as mentioning slave narratives and more. She mentioned a myriad of other online resources, and reminded researchers that just because there is a place name attached to the record that might not pertain to your ancestor, check it anyway. There might be other records or information found in it that could open up other avenues.

In addition to specific websites, Angela talked about utilizing the resources available at universities, local and state historical societies and archives, museums, local and state genealogical societies and groups, and she specifically mentioned the value of a book entitled Finding a Place Called Home: A Guide to African-American Genealogy.

You can watch Angela's presentation at Legacy Family Tree for free until September 12. After that you can buy it from the Legacy Family Tree store. Even if you watch the webinar for free, this is one that I recommend buying anyway. The purchased CD comes with a clickable syllabus for all the materials Angela presented...and there is a lot.

Thank you Angela Walton-Raji for a wonderfully enlightening webinar, and thank you Geoff Rasmussen for hosting this for free; something people who are fiscally challenged like me truly appreciate!

Happy tree climbing!

* I was not compensated for this review, nor do I make any money if you click on the Amazon link, because I live in tax happy California, and we can no longer participate in AdSense or Amazon Associates !!!   =0)