I'm Speaking at the Northern California Family History Expo!

I'm very excited to be a speaker at the Northern California Family History Expo in San Mateo tomorrow. A bit nervous, but hopefully all goes well. I will be presenting "How to Publish Your Family History to DVD."

Speaker's Bio

Angela Kraft  Angela Kraft is the owner of Leaves of Heritage Genealogy. She has been doing family history research since 1999, and is currently taking steps to become a certified genealogist. In addition to genealogy, Angela also does copyediting of fictional works and for those wishing to publish their family histories.
-Saturday, October 08, 2011, Class Room 6 - Publishing Your Family History to DVD Publishing your family history to DVD is a creative and inexpensive way to share your story with friends and family. Learn to design the layout of materials, including images, sound clips, or recorded interviews and more.


Wish me luck!