Military Monday- Curtis Lamar Duck

My Military Monday is honor of someone I am not related to, but am tied to forever. His name is Curtis Lamar Duck, and he served and died in Viet Nam.

In 1993, I went to La Vista Memorial Park in National City, CA. It was the first time I had ever visited my mother's grave. As I looked for her name on the stones, I was distracted by a group of ducks a few headstones away. By the time I got there, the ducks were moving away, but as they moved, they revealed two headstones with the name "Curtis Lamar Duck." Father and son, side by side, eternally.

Surname Saturday- Who's the Boss?

In the mid 1800's, Joseph Bourgeois came to the United States from Quebec, and settled in Swanton, Vermont. He married a woman name Elizabeth Coulumbe, and then went on to have a very large family. However, for some reason, Joseph decided to Americanize his name, and changed it to Boss, except when it came to the French Church. All family records in the church were recorded as Bourgeois, and all census records were recorded as Boss.

Joseph had a grandson named George Abraham Bourgeois (Boss). George used both names interchangeably. Massachusetts phone listings show him as Bourgeois, but census records show him as Boss. Which name did he feel was really his? I don't know.

Mystery Monday- Bridget in Life, Elizabeth in Death

My great grandfather came to America in 1911 from Scotland with his mother and many siblings. One day his mother decided to pack up all the kids and leave her husband to venture to America...but that's another mystery. In any event, my great grandfather's paternal grandmother was Bridget Rafferty, born in Ireland circa 1818. She married Edward Campbell, also born in Ireland, circa 1808, and they eventually moved to Kilmarnock, Scotland. In 1857, Peter Campbell, father to my great grandfather, was born in his home on Strand Street in Kilmarnock, to Edward Campbell and Bridget Campbell, M.S. Rafferty, this according to his birth certificate.

Mystery Monday-- Melungeon or Not?

My husband's family on his mother's side has very deep roots in the South. This part of his family hails from Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, North and South Carolina, etc. This same branch of his family is made up of German and English surnames. So the mystery befell when we were given the following picture: