Sentimental Sunday: Mothers

There are the mothers who give birth to us:

My mother and father married in a simple civil service at the courthouse in January, I was born in May, and my mother died in July; three weeks shy of turning 20. It was a warm summer's eve, and my father and his friends had been working on one of their motorcycles, when they decided to take the bike for a test drive. So on the bikes they all hopped, including my mom on the back of the bike my dad rode. They took the road that ran along the lake and came around a bend to a "T" intersection with a STOP sign. My parents went through the unexpected STOP sign, crossed the intersection, and went down the embankment on the opposite side of the road. Both of my parents sustained extensive injuries, but my mother's cost her, her life. She held on for 5 days and finally left this world 6 days after my father's 22nd birthday. He once told me that on the night of the accident they had just made up from their first and only fight, and that on the night she passed away she came to him in his drug induced sleep and told him she was gone.

Mystery Monday: Where did all the kids go?

One branch of my family, the Dions, came from Quebec and spent a large portion of their time in St. Bernard, Dorchester, PQ. They had at least 14 children (there are some gaps in time that need to be researched), but not all of their children were baptized at the St. Bernard parish. The neighboring parishes, Ste. Marie, St. Patrice-de- Beaurivage, and St. Elzear were all blessed to host the various baptisms of some of my ancestors. The sponsors (godparents) of most of these children were neighbors from the area where my family farmed.

Sentimental Sunday: Peter Campbell

My great grandfather Peter Campbell was a wonderful man. My grandma told me about how he ate at Joe DiMaggio's restaurant in San Francisco and approached the baseball legend, asking him for an autograph for my father. Another time, while working at the base on Alameda Island, he approached Lucille Ball who had been filming there at the time. When he asked her for an autograph for his grandson, however, she was not so inclined like Joe DiMaggio was. Her response was "If I do it for you, then I have to do it for everyone." Mind you, there was no one around at the time my grandfather asked. To each his own, I guess.