Treasure Chest Thursday: Wedding of Rose Rondeau and Peter Campbell

From a clip of an unknown local Massachusetts newspaper [ November 26, 1928, the date has been assumed based on the Massachusetts Vital Records Office certificate of marriage as there is no date on the clip.]:


Aldenville Girl Bride of Easthampton Man at St. Rose de Lima Church

What happens at Jamboree...gets put on my blog: The Ice Cream Social and Pajama Party!

On Friday night, the people from hosted a special ice cream social for members of Geneabloggers. And they went full out! We had an ice cream bar with different toppings and flavors of ice cream, and the Geni team cruised through the room and schmoozed with us all. I got to meet and chat with Charles and Grant, and pretty much grilled Grant about the why and how of Geni (I will post on this later).

What happens at Jamboree...gets put on my blog: The swag!

I made it! I got to go to the Southern California Genealogical Society's 42nd Annual Jamboree. It was a wonderful experience filled with new people, educational classes, and SWAG!

What happens at Jamboree...gets put on my blog: The classes!


I started my Jamboree journey off by taking "Elusive Immigrants" with Warren Bittner. This lesson focused on exhaustive research and what exactly that is. Warren shared with us his research on two of his ancestors. The first case study proved fairly easy and the exhaustive research was not as exhausting as the second case study. In the second case study, Warren shared with us his story of  the 3 brothers John, and all of the documents he had to procure in order to try and prove which John was his direct line.

The Face of Genealogy

Recently there was a small blurb in the LA Weekly about the upcoming SCGS Jamboree . Unfortunately the blurb wasn't that great, but worse was the picture chosen to depict the event, and genealogy in general. It was a picture of two toothless boys and some comment about inbreeding.You can view the picture at Geneabloggers, as the LA Weekly has since replaced it with a more suitable clip. 

My thoughts are that someone was either trying to be funny, or that person really doesn't get what genealogy is all about. I submitted a letter to the editor as so many others did, but I also submitted the following "article" which I hope they choose to feature.