My Genealogy Bucket List; A Meme by Geniaus

Jill Ball (Geniaus ) has created The Genealogy Bucket List meme.

Here are the rules, the list, and my responses:

The list should be annotated in the following manner:
Things you would like to do or find: Bold Type 
Things you haven’t done or found and don’t care to: plain type

You are encouraged to add extra comments after each item 

  1. The genealogy conference I would most like to attend is... RootsTech,NIGR, all of them
  2. The genealogy speaker I would most like to hear and see is... Michael Hait
  3. The geneablogger I would most like to meet in person is... Michael Hait, Caroline Pointer, and anyone who wants to meet me!
  4. The genealogy writer I would most like to have dinner with is... Whoever is paying =0)
  5. The genealogy lecture I would most like to present is.... 100 Years of Girl Scouting; The Life of Juliette Gordon Low
  6. I would like to go on a genealogy cruise that visits.... Scotland, Ireland, Quebec, France, Germany, Italy...and so on
  7. The photo I would most like to find is... one that talks to me, revealing all the secrets of that ancestor's world! Ok, that would be a little creepy, but...
  8. The repository in a foreign land I would most like to visit is... Why is it always pick one!? Archives of all kinds in the places I said I wanted to cruise to, but definitely local history repositories in Kilmarnock, Scotland.
  9. The place of worship I would most like to visit is... St. Joseph's in Kilmarnock, Scotland
  10. The cemetery I would most like to visit is ...... wherever my journey leads me
  11. The ancestral town or village I would most like to visit is...... Kilmarnock, Scotland and Cladybeg, Armagh, Ireland
  13. The piece of software I most want to buy is.... already purchased =0)
  14. The tech toy I want to purchase next is ..... a new video recorder
  15. The expensive book I would most like to buy is... Again, why just ONE? I want The Source (online at ancestry isn't good enough. I like book in hand!), Redbook (same note as before; book in hand!), Val Greenwood, and so forth. What I have is ProGen,  the newest Evidence Explained and some smaller hitters.
  16. The library I would most like to visit is..... Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Have yet to go.
  17. The genealogy related book I would most like to write is.... I'm an editor, not a writer. What can I help YOU write?
  18. The genealogy blog I would most like to start would be about.... Wish I had time to write on THIS blog!
  19. The journal article I would most like to write would be about... Why Juliette Gordon Low's middle name is just Magill and NOT Magill Kinzie.
  20. The ancestor I most want to meet in the afterlife is.... my mother.