SCGS Jamboree 2012: The Events

Well, it has been a couple of weeks since I got back from Jamboree, and I feel recovered enough to write about it!

As I mentioned previously, I spoke at Kid's Camp this year. My presentation consisted of a Power Point with documents from the lives of W.D. Boyce (Boy Scouts), Juliette Gordon Low (Girl Scouts), Walter Knott (Knott's Berry Farm), and Walt Disney (All Things Disney). I explained to the kids that these documents had clues to the lives of these individuals. I asked the group why it mattered to look for these things for our own ancestors, and encouraged them to not just do this for their ancestors, but for any people in their lives that intrigue them.

After my presentation, and those of others, I sat at a table and spoke with some Boy Scouts about what a professional genealogist does. Learning about this, and other things, was part of their requirements for earning their Genealogy Merit Badge.

Before the event was over, I was approached by Geoff Rasmussen of Legacy Family Tree. He expressed that he enjoyed my presentation and asked if I had done it very often. I told him no, that was my first time, but that I had been a Girl Scout leader for 11 years and had run a camp for 200 plus girls for several years. Will he consider working with me in the future? I hope so. That would be cool!

On Friday night at Jamboree, SCGS in conjunction with put on a 1940's themed Hollywood GALA. This was a pasta buffet, followed by a photo booth equipped with props, as well as two Hollywood stars, Carla Leammle (Dracula), and Margaret O'Brien (Meet Me in St. Louis) who were there selling autographed photos. Before the event, I had my daughter come and do my make-up and hair in vintage 1940's style. She gave me victory rolls and wings on my eyes, along with a deep red lip as was custom to the time.  I was WAY over dressed (under dressed??) for the event with my clingy, long gown and three inch heeled Jessica Simpson shoes, and some people actually thought I was part of the entertainment! But, why not go all out, right?

Sadly, I was not able to attend any of the other SCGS sponsored events, such as the Genealogy Idol or banquets. One year I'd like to attend, but this year it just wasn't in the budget.

On Saturday evening, however, I met up with attendees who were ProGen Study Group alumnus or current participants. We met briefly in the hotel lounge where I distributed ribbons and had our group picture taken. Many then dispersed, while others stayed together and schmoozed a bit.

Front row (left to right): Jamie Mayhew, Gwynn Socolich, Stefani Evans, Denise Spurlock,Kathy Holland, Christine Green, Patricia Stanard, and half of me!

Back row: Dawn Carlisle, 
Elizabeth O'Neal, Sheri Fenley, Corey Oiesen, Jeffery Vaillant, Randy Seaver,  J. Fonkert

Overall, I think things went really well. And of course, I am already planning for next year's Jamboree!