Snapshot: Billy the Exterminator

My friend's daughter loves watching Billy the Exterminator, so recently my own kids decided to look his show up on Netflix. We've been watching it for the last week now and love how Billy relocates the animals and uses environmentally safe products. Well, my husband mentioned that he heard Billy got into a bit of trouble not that long ago, so I did what I do and looked it up. I read what he did and wanted to know more about this guy, so again, I did what I do. There was almost nothing out there about him, so I dug deeper.

Here's what I found in a couple of hours of fun:

1. William Patrick Bretherton was born on September 18, 1968 in Harris County, Texas to William Lyman Bretherton and Donna Nell (Skaggs) Bretherton.

He went to Klein High School in Spring, Texas
U.S. School Yearbooks Record for Billy Bretherton 1984, Klein High School, Spring Texas

He went into the Air Force around 1988 and eventually studied biology and entomology while serving.
He was married, had children (don't have specifics), divorced, then married his current wife Mary.
He founded his company, Vex Con, and works there with his parents, wife, and brother.

2. Billy's father, William Lyman Bretherton, was born October 32, 1944 in Iowa to Edward Bretherton, Jr. and Helen Marie (?). He has a brother, Dennis Edward Bretherton, whom he traveled with from Guam to San Francisco, en route to Iowa Falls, Iowa in 1957, on board a US Naval Ship,  Barrett.

Honolulu, Hawaii, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1900-1959 Record for William L Bretherton

3. Billy's grandfather, Edward Bretherton, Jr., was born July 3, 1916 to Edward Bretherton, Sr., and Lottie (?) in Orgeon [ possibly Portland]. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps (later recognized as having served in the Air Force) in Portland, Oregon in March 1943. He enlisted a second time in November of 1945 and served until 1963. He died in Elm Grove, Louisiana in August 1987. His wife, Helen Marie, followed in 2007.

4. Billy's great-grandfather, Edward Bretherton, Sr., was born in Alaska on April 28, 1894 to Bernard Joseph Bretherton and Mable Edna (Hatch) Bretherton. By age 6, his family had relocated to Oregon, where his siblings were born, and in 1972 he died in Topeka, Kansas.

5. Billy's great-great grandfather was his immigrant ancestor on this line. Bernard Joseph Bretherton was born in Cheshire County, England on January 26, 1861 to Edward Bretherton and Alice C (?) Bretherton. He came to America sometime around his eighteenth year, and later naturalized. He was a naturalist who helped catalogue and track many species of birds and mammals making many contributions to the publication The Naturalist.At some point he climbed Mount Olympus with a man named O'Neil,  and later in his life he served as a lighthouse watchman. He died of tuberculosis in 1903 and was laid to rest in Coos County, Oregon.

I could have gone on with my hunt, but I have things I am supposed to be doing, so the search will have to wait!

I wonder if Billy knows about his immigrant ancestor and how he was a naturalist. I wonder if this is where Billy gets his desire and passion to save animals and preserve the environment. I might never know, but spending a couple of hours making these discoveries was, as always, a great adventure.

Happy tree climbing!