Snapshot: Billy the Exterminator

My friend's daughter loves watching Billy the Exterminator, so recently my own kids decided to look his show up on Netflix. We've been watching it for the last week now and love how Billy relocates the animals and uses environmentally safe products. Well, my husband mentioned that he heard Billy got into a bit of trouble not that long ago, so I did what I do and looked it up. I read what he did and wanted to know more about this guy, so again, I did what I do. There was almost nothing out there about him, so I dug deeper.

Here's what I found in a couple of hours of fun:

SCGS Jamboree 2012: The Events

Well, it has been a couple of weeks since I got back from Jamboree, and I feel recovered enough to write about it!

As I mentioned previously, I spoke at Kid's Camp this year. My presentation consisted of a Power Point with documents from the lives of W.D. Boyce (Boy Scouts), Juliette Gordon Low (Girl Scouts), Walter Knott (Knott's Berry Farm), and Walt Disney (All Things Disney). I explained to the kids that these documents had clues to the lives of these individuals. I asked the group why it mattered to look for these things for our own ancestors, and encouraged them to not just do this for their ancestors, but for any people in their lives that intrigue them.

After my presentation, and those of others, I sat at a table and spoke with some Boy Scouts about what a professional genealogist does. Learning about this, and other things, was part of their requirements for earning their Genealogy Merit Badge.