Rule Breaker!

I was enjoying my September issue of Better Homes and Gardens last night when I came across an article they did on breaking some traditional time-saving rules. The gist of the article was that these rules were actually myths that do not save us time, but in reality cause us to waste time; like multi-tasking.

Happy Birthday, Mom!! ** A sad read

Today my mother would have been 57 years old. But as it is, she will forever be 19.

Because my mother died at such a young age, myself being only 2 1/2 months old at the time, I did not grow up knowing much about her, or her family for that matter. It was easier for my dad to move on without the reminders, I guess. But when I was 18 and pregnant with my first child, I finally had the need to know.

My search began at the cemetery. I found her grave by the pond in a section of the cemetery called the "Freedom Lawn" in La Vista Memorial Park, National City, California. A couple of years later I called and spoke with a couple siblings of hers. I then drove to San Diego and met my mother's father, her aunt, and a bunch of cousins and other people I still don't know to this day. And eventually I wanted to know more about her death.