Forgotten Ashes

I read an email from NGS discussing an article about a new website called Forgotten Ashes. It is a site that is culminating information about the many cremains that have been left unclaimed over the years at various funeral facilities.

I have volunteered many hours to trying to find next of kin for the website Unclaimed Persons, so I wanted to poke around this new site and try my hand at mystery solving. A couple of the names I spent time on just saddened me. Don't get me wrong, every unclaimed person is a sad thing, but a few of the names were people who had lived many years in the Oregon State Hospital in Salem, Oregon. I'm talking decades! To see Addison Kidd, Alfred C Wolf, and others having been there for at least 20 years (using various census records) is just heartbreaking.

A few of the people I looked up had served in war time, others left no apparent trace of whence they came (of course I know that deeper digging is needed for these cases), and still many more names sit unexplored by me.

I was able to find a few family trees, of which I reached out to the owners letting them know of their possible ancestor's unclaimed ashes. Maybe my time will lead to some reunions, but for many I know this will not be the case.

If you have some time and want to give a final tribute to some unclaimed ashes, please go to Forgotten Ashes and try your hand at reconstructing family trees in hopes of finding someone who cares to have their ancestor accounted for. OR if you are someone who knows of a place who would like to contribute names of unclaimed ashes, please direct them to the same site for listing.

Everyone deserves to be found.

Happy tree climbing!