Technology Changes: A Rant

 Recently Yahoo email, Facebook, and have made some changes that, for me, are truly inconvenient. This is just a short rant about technological changes for the worse.

For the email issue, Yahoo had reorganized the way things looked by squishing my preview pane and having a list of emails on the left instead of the middle, in addition to the folders. I understand that seeing the list on the left was supposed to make it easier to navigate between emails, but this was at the expense of me being able to read the emails. The limited space left meant that now I couldn't see the emails in their entirety but now had to scroll sideways to read them. There were no options to let me reorganize things the way I wanted them. Well, this morning, I checked my email and now it has changed back. Good, but annoying for the constant change. Also, now that Yahoo is trying to mimic Gmail by having "conversations" linked, I can't reply and change the subject line to start a new "conversation" off of an old one. GRR!!

Facebook drives me nuts with their constant changes. Now, like Yahoo, my stream is squished because of the expansion of the new "trending now" column, and all those annoying suggestions. If I cared about the trending and the suggestions I would have used them. Having them larger does not entice me any more. GRR!! just launched, yet again, a new search form. It sucks. Sorry to be so blunt, but truly, it sucks. Not only is it harder to edit the things I want, the slide bar thing does not improve my results at all. It just makes more steps to accomplish what I want, thus adding more time and frustration. GRR!!

I believe that companies who make "improvements" should do so to their audience as a BETA test. "Dear Customers, Our small test group responded positively to these changes. Now we would like to get feedback from you. Try out these new changes for XX amount of time, then tell us what you think." Also, give us some notice before the changes!

I hate being surprised by technological changes, because sometimes I am just popping in for something quick. Faced with a new "improvement" means that now I have to add time to my quick visit to figure out where the heck everything is, or how it works. Not cool, man. Ain't nobody got time for that!

Well, thank you for stopping by these woods on a not snowy day in Central California, and for listening to my rant. Feel free to share your own frustrations or suggestions in the comments below. Or not :)

Happy tree climbing!