In the Beginning: Homer Burton Byers

Some background leading up to my quest: My mother died when I was just shy of 3 months old. I grew up with my father and his mother and knew very little about my mom's side of the family. When I was pregnant and 18 I decided I needed to learn more. I went to the cemetery and found her grave for the first time and got her record from the office. Over the next couple of years I reached out to her family and met some of them, ordered her coroner's report, and requested an obit lookup, which I received. This is how I got into genealogy. From there I began my long-term relationship with and started building my tree. What I was first told about Homer Burton Byers (my great grandfather) was that his name was simply Burton Byers and that he may have been abandoned on a church doorstep. (Gotta love family lore!) And so the hunt for Homer began.

Homer Burton Byers had two children with his first wife Virginia Laird. His son, Burton Keith Byers (used the name Keith), was my grandfather. After I learned that Keith died, I ordered his death certificate and saw his father listed as Burton Byers. This information had been provided by my aunt (whom I had never learned of) and was the information the family "knew". I later ordered my grandfather's birth certificate, and that is when I learned that Burton Byers was truly HOMER Burton Byers, born in Ohio.

I found tidbits over the years on Ancestry about Homer, but I didn't have enough info to corroborate some of the items I thought might pertain to him. Then a few years later I ordered Homer's Social Security Number Application (Form SS-5). I was SO excited when I received it in the mail. I now had a birthplace, his father's name, and... mother unknown. WHAT?! Well, that explains why people thought he was adopted.

Stay tuned to see what I found next!