Client Testimonials

 via email:
"My results from Leaves of Heritage far surpassed anything I was ever expecting or hoping for.  The research was thorough, and the back and forth communications about the findings was exciting, not to mention the picture that was found was truly amazing!  In just a few days, I learned more about my heritage and relatives than I had previously learned in my 3 decades of life.  Certain fallacies were washed away while other rumors were confirmed.  I can’t call the feelings that I had “nostalgia” because I wasn’t remembering my past, but there was certainly a feeling that could be ascribed to the sense of belonging I gained; rather like knowing where your personal piece actually fits into the larger puzzle of history.
 I’d recommend Leaves of Heritage to anyone and everyone that has a family tree project, wants to give the gift of nostalgia to loved ones, if you’ve been told you’re one of the last with your family surname, need to find out if you really are related to that Nigerian Prince so you can have access to his fortune, or if you are just plain, old curious.  After all, we are a country of immigrants.  Now I know exactly when my family jumped into the so called “melting pot.” "
 -Mickey (Martin) Skelson  - Derived from the Norwegian “Askildsen”


“In choosing attributions for Angela, one that stood out for me was 'personable'. In her line of work, a genealogist, one would have to be to a certain extent, however, I feel Angela went over and above in making me feel at ease while communicating through emails about what little I know about my family history.
I had little knowledge about the history on my Dad's side and Angela asked the right questions and took my vague answers to perform an exceptional job. I was astounded with the outcome.
I also want to note that I have a full brother that was adopted out at birth in 1952. Although I only paid 1 hour of her time, she did offer to assist in finding him for an additional nominal fee. It was a kind and generous gesture on her part. I was unsure of taking that step but the offer was there and I appreciated that. Perhaps in the near future, after discussing it with my siblings, finding our brother may be something we will do. If that holds true, Leaves of Heritage is where we will start.
I initially contacted Leaves of Heritage because I thought a bit of family history beautifully presented on a keepsake CD would be a unique Christmas gift for my 18 year old son. I think it important that our children know their roots. She found knowledge of my family's background that I didn't even know about.
I highly recommend Angela of Leaves of Heritage. Superlative work with a caring personality at more than reasonable rates..
Thank you
Laurie J Harrison"

via email:
"I am extremely thankful for her assistance...the leaves have begun to
fall from the trees and I am slowly moving from darkness into light.
She was indeed insightful and very creative.

In appreciation.
Henrietta Underwood"

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